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Bengals take 10-3 lead on Giovani Bernard touchdown

At this stage of the first half, Bernard has 129 yards of total offense on 17 touches, including a touchdown that gave Cincinnati a 10-3 lead with over two minutes remaining before half time.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The hope is that Mike Nugent isn't needed -- at least until he makes whatever corrections are needed to convert his misses into conversions.

Under an intense pass rush, Dalton, from the Bengals 21-yard line with 6:24 remaining in the second quarter, flipped it to Giovani Bernard. Bernard did his thing and stretched down the right sidelines, where he tip-toed for 46 yards.

Whoa. Can I order one GIF please with awesome on the side?

Jeremy Hill, giving Bernard a breather, gained 13 and nine yards on the ground, reaching the Falcons eight-yard line. After a one-yard loss by Bernard, the Bengals converted the third and two with a redemptive run by Bernard, who found breathing room off the right edge.

Bernard found the endzone to give Cincinnati a 10-3 lead with 2:11 remaining in the second.

Finally. A red zone touchdown.

At this stage of the game, Bernard has 129 yards of total offense on 17 touches.