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Panthers angry with Vontaze Burfict (video): Greg Olsen wants suspension

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was caught doing a little extra during two tackles on Sunday. Were they on purpose or accidental? We can't say with any authority. But the video is pretty damning.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


Here's the play Vontaze Burfict made on Greg Olsen that's drawing criticism.


Here's another play in which Burfict may have targeted Kelvin Benjamin with the crown of his helmet.


And here's Olsen's postgame remarks.


The Carolina Panthers aren't happy with Vontaze Burfict.

Twice during Sunday's game between the Bengals and Panthers, Burfict allegedly twisted the ankles of two Panthers players after making tackles. One of those was Cam Newton, who noticeably reacted after Burfict quickly turned the quarterback's ankle.

Burfict Panthers

And then quick twist of Greg Olsen's ankle during his touchdown reception.

Panthers kicker Graham Gano reacted on twitter.

And these were plays that didn't warrant any response from the officials. Burfict was flagged for two personal fouls in the game -- a roughing the passer and illegal hit on a defenseless receiver (though both appeared to be a bit ticky tack).

While as a fan, I'd like to say that Burfict' honor and maturity would help explain these actions. We understand that these things happen, especially in a pile of humanity... like during a fumble recovery. Not that it's an excuse, but the heat of the moment in a sport that doesn't reward gentleman behavior tends to lead to these things (it just got caught on video). However, videos, GIFs, and pictures makes it difficult to wage a defensible position for Burfict. This one is too blatant.

If the league views both plays as dirty, Burfict will likely be fined.

Burfict has a history of dishing out money for personal fouls. The league fined him $31,000 in week three last year for two incidents against the Packers. The first, a hit on a defenseless receiver, cost him $21,000. Another $10,000 was added after hitting Packers tight end Ryan Taylor in the groin.

Burfict was fined another $21,000 for spearing former Jets wide receiver Stephan Hill with the crown of his helmet.