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Jamie Collins fined for hit on Brandon Tate

Brandon Tate fair-caught a punt midway through the second quarter. Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins never saw it (we assume) and was fined for the hit by the league office.

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Jim Rogash

With over nine minutes remaining in the second quarter, New England Patriots punter Ryan Allen punted the football 35 yards to Cincinnati's 23-yard line. Brandon Tate waived for the fair catch and caught the football.

New England Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins didn't see the fair catch and bull-dozed Tate.

(Courtesy NESN)

The Bengals were granted a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, moving Cincinnati to their own 38-yard line. Cincinnati consumed over four minutes on the clock, but scored their first points on Mike Nugent's 23-yard field goal.

For his part, Collins was fined $8,268 by the league on Friday.