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The Bengals are the last undefeated team least for a few hours, Cincinnati remains the only undefeated team prior to kicking off against the New England Patriots. It's the second time in franchise history that they've become the only undefeated team in a season.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

With the Denver Broncos defeating the Arizona Cardinals 41-20 on Sunday, only one undefeated team remains in the NFL. And it's not the old teams of yesteryear, like the Colts throughout the 21st century (prior to Peyton Manning's exit), or the Kansas City Chiefs of '13 or '03 (any guesses on who beat that squad?) or the Patriots.

Nope. It's the Cincinnati Bengals, who squeezed a win in Baltimore and dominated games against the Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans to open the year at 3-0. Granted... it might be only for a few hours when Cincinnati kicks off Sunday Night Football against the New England Patriots, but who cares. It's a reality however you look at it.

For the trivia-minded, it's not the first time that Cincinnati can claim being the last undefeated team in the NFL. They did it in 1988, when Cincinnati won their first six games during the season that they qualified for the Super Bowl.

The Bengals first loss in '88 was... against Patriots... in New England.

Well, shit.