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Former Patriots wide receiver: 'I don't see things getting better for the Patriots offense'

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown doesn't see things getting better for the Patriots... mainly because they're about to face one of the top defenses in the NFL.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Clean off New England's 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, former Patriots receiver Troy Brown, who does a postgame show on CSN, doesn't see things getting better for the Patriots.

"Andy Dalton is a pretty good quarterback," said Brown via "He's going to find some open guys. When he's hot, he's hot. Right now he's hot, that team is hot. The bad news is the Patriots offense is as cold as it can be."

The Cincinnati Bengals have the seventh-best offense in the NFL, averaging 384 yards/game. They're also averaging 26.7 points/game, which ranks sixth. New England's defense, on the other hand, ranks fourth... clearly not the same defense that was on display against the Chiefs.

"The Cincinnati Bengals defense is probably, maybe the best defense they're going to see this year. They are really good. They are fast, they get after the ball, good against the pass, good against the run. So I don't see things getting better for the Patriots offense."

Whereas Cincinnati is the top-scoring defense (only 11 points allowed per game), they're 14th overall (352.7 points per game). New England is ranked No. 29 with 298.5 yards allowed per game.