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Chad Johnson Campaign

Poll/OT: What Would You Have Given Ocho For Xmas?

We ask you, the readers, what you would have given one of the most animated and famous Bengals this holiday season. Sound off and have some fun!

Brandon Thompson: I'll Do Whatever It Takes For The Bengals To Win

Report: Bengals want a first-round and third-round pick for Chad Johnson

Report: Johnson about to lose $250,000 workout bonus... again

Chad Johnson isn't even considered in New York; but he's on the trading block?

Chad Johnson isn't with the team for offseason program

When knowing that Chad Johnson wants to be traded; not needing offeseason programs

Drew Rosenhaus claims Chad Johnson on trading block

Year in Review: The Roller Coaster Ride of Chad Johnson

Resuming Chad Johnson's Character-Suicide Campaign

Chad overslept team meeting, benched for Thursday's game

Chad Johnson is back!

Thinking out loud: If Chad dumps Rosenhaus...

Mike Brown needs to step up... now.

Chad Johnson and Marvin Lewis caught talking on mic

Is Chad actually unifying the Bengals -- by accident?

Chad Johnson refuses to practice

Chad Johnson running drills, but not practicing

Chad Johnson is in Cincinnati; at Paul Brown Stadium

Does Palmer see the Bengals better without Chad?

At Least One Offer of Two "Firm" First-Round Picks Made for Chad

Want Chad? Two First Round Picks, Established Player and $5 Million of Johnson's Paid Bonuses

What was that condition on the conditional third-round pick?

Drew and Chad are now Begging like Weasels. This is GREAT!

Questioning Hobson's Logic on Chad Johnson

There are options for Chad Johnson trade

UPDATE II: Confirmed. Trade Offer Was Made.

Bengals keep saying no to Chad Johnson trade, but to what end?

Eagles looking for vet wide receiver. Chad Johnson?

Tying up loose ends for Friday

Bengals should donate Johnson's missed checks to charity

Oil Slick and Marvin were certainly talking about the success of the Reds

With Henry's release, Chad becomes Bengals idiot

Chad Johnson Responds to Marvin Lewis' Comments

Oh dear god, not another Chad Johnson post

Lewis, again, reiterates that Chad Johnson is going nowhere


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