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Kenyan Daniel Adongo has come a long way for this weekends game

The Colts have added Daniel Adongo to the active roster. Not bad for a guy that never played the sport until four months ago.

In a story that could someday be a Disney movie the Colts will have a player that has not played a game in the NFL suit up on Sunday against the Bengals. Daniel Adongo has never participated in an actual NFL game. For the last 13 weeks he has been on the Colts practice squad. Not bad for a guy that knew nothing about football 4 months ago.

Adongo is no stranger to contact though. He played rugby at the highest level in South Africa where some of his film caught the eye of Colts general manager Ryan Grigson. Take a look at the video below and you can see what the Colts saw in this kid. He is fast and he has some huge hits, without pads.

Adongo was signed to the active roster this week and is expected to play on special teams. This probably fits his skill set well as this is the part of the NFL game that most closely resembles the action in a rugby game.

When reminiscing about when he got to Indy, coach Chuck Pagano says:

"I think back to his very first workout, when we first brought him in after a 17-hour flight to Atlanta and a connection up here to try out, from what we saw to right now, it's night and day. The guy is a smart guy, we know from a physical standpoint he's very, very athletic. He can run, he's big, he's strong and he's a tireless worker. He hasn't been on the field under the lights when it counts, but he's played on the big field before, and he's run around and tackled before with no pads. I suspect instinctively he'll know how to do that. It might be more physical and violent because he does have pads. Don't be shocked if he gets the opportunity to knock some people around."

To show what kind of dedication he has to his new sport, Adongo has supposedly added 30 lbs since signing with the Colts. Another important thing he learned was how to put a football uniform on.

Defensive lineman Cory Redding had the following to say:

"The guy couldn't even put pants on six months ago, knew nothing about football, and look at where he is now. He's giving the O-line fits. He's a very aggressive player, and I can't wait to see him line up, where they put him."

While he is the enemy this weekend, it is a cool story to follow and I wish the kid luck. Starting a week from Sunday.