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Cincinnati Bengals announce LaKendrick Ross signing

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The Cincinnati Bengals announced that they've signed LaKendrick Ross, who was one of four players eligible for the 2014 Supplement Draft.

While the Bengals have placed nearly 15 percent of their roster on one injury list or another, the team also announced the signing of Virginia-Lynchburg defensive tackle LaKendrick Ross. They corresponded the move by releasing wide receiver Alex Neutz, who they signed as a college free agent out of Buffalo.

Ross, who reportedly worked out for the Bengals recently, was one of four players eligible for the 2014 Supplement Draft -- which came and went without even a whisper. Jason wrote more on Ross when reports began surfacing that Cincinnati would sign him.

Matt Conner, with SB Nation and Arrowhead Pride, did a story on Ross earlier this month.

"Lakendrick is the kind of kid that if someone can bring him and has a little time to develop him, with his size and athleticism, he could be an All-Pro down the road," his agent Glen Lansky said. "But it's going to take some time. But he just turned 21, so he's got that time."