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Breaking down Vontaze Burfict's four-year contract

Many of the numbers regarding Vontaze Burfict's contract extension are out. But before we break those down, we take a quick chronological look at how they got there.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It went like this.

In mid-to-late February, it was learned that Vontaze Burfict had signed with Paradigm Sports for full-service representation. In mid-May, reports surfaced that the Bengals and Burfict were "making significant progress" for a contract extension with one report saying that the "gulf that once existed in talks has shrunk significantly." In late July, both sides reached an impasse. An agreement was reached on Aug. 20 but the deal wasn't actually signed until a week later, on Aug. 27.

The agreement is a three-year extension (or a four-year deal... however you want to define it) worth $19.004 million and a $3.1 million signing bonus. Burfict has already received his first roster bonus of $3.804 million on Aug. 30.

2014 $700,000 $3.804 million $5.279 $6.904
2015 $1.05 million $3.15 million* $200,000 $175,000 $5.175 $2.325
2016 $2.85 million -- $200,000 $350,000 $3.825 $1.55
2017 $3.75 million -- $200,000 $525,000 $4.725 $775,000

* The 2015 roster bonus ($3.15 million) is due five days after the start of the new league year.
NOTE: Cap and dead money in millions unless otherwise noted.
Sources: National Football Post, Spotrac