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New Bengals Linebacker A.J. Hawk's Contract Numbers Released

The Bengals signed veteran linebacker A.J. Hawk on the first day of free agency. Was it a team-friendly deal?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals made one of their trademark "depth signings" on the first day of free agency with the contract agreed upon with linebacker A.J. Hawk. The former Green Bay Packers defender also fit the Bengals' mold of bringing in a former high pick to see if they can tap anything that might still be left in the tank.

Emotions seemed to be mixed on the signing, but Hawk does provide veteran presence for a linebacker corps that needed some help going into 2015. On Wednesday, the contract numbers were released and it seems as if it is a pretty fair deal for both sides.

Obviously, the Bengals were playing it a bit safe with Hawk because of his bone spur issue and his being 31-years-old. This deal is pretty similar to the one given to James Harrison before the 2013 season, though Harrison didn't see the length of that deal through. The Bengals just officially announced the deal on Wednesday, so these figures are hot off the presses.

This has to be a relief after the Bengals inexplicably handed out a deal to Rey Maualuga that contained a cap hit north of $7 million. Cincinnati still might be in the market for a linebacker early in the draft--particularly one that has some pass rushing ability.