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Roster Transactions and Contracts

Details and contract breakdown on Vontaze Burfict’s 3-year extension

We now know the exact structure of Burfict’s deal and it’s a great situation for the Bengals who will be paying Burfict nearly exclusively for what he’s able to produce on-the-field.

Bengals approval poll: Vontaze Burfict gets 3-year contract extension

Did the Bengals make the right move getting Vontaze Burfict signed to his big extension?

Bengals and Vontaze Burfict agree to massive contract extension

The Bengals get one of their key free agents locked up for the foreseeable future.

Cincinnati Bengals 90-man roster sortable by name, jersey number for preseason

Watching the Bengals vs Buccaneers game on Friday night? This will come in handy...

Bengals 53-man roster projection heading into first preseason game

How much progress was made toward determining the Bengals’ 53-man roster now that training camp is over?

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Cornerback

This is where the big bucks are being spent for the Bengals.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Special teams

Kevin Huber is the leader of the pack when it comes to Cincinnati’s specialists and he’s also entering a contract year.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Offensive tackle

The Bengals are about to have both starting tackles still playing under their rookie contracts, making the offensive tackle position a very low-cost one.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Defensive tackle

It’s Geno and then everyone else.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Linebacker

The Bengals have three linebackers making more than $3 million in 2017.

Bengals QBs rank 18th in combined positional salary cap

Andy Dalton and AJ McCarron make up one of the best quarterback groups any NFL team has to offer. But their combined cap hits rank in the bottom half of the NFL.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Safety

George Iloka leads the way for Bengals safeties in terms of salary cap hit this year.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Running back

Gio is getting a nice paycheck coming off his ACL tear and is the highest paid running back on the Bengals’ roster.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Tight end/h-back

Tyler Eifert leads the way for a talented group of Bengals tight ends.

Andy Dalton contract value continues to shine for Bengals

Dalton continues to be one of, if not the best value quarterback in the NFL.

What would a Vontaze Burfict contract extension look like?

Vontaze Burfict may soon receive a contract extension as he’s set to hit free agency in 2018. Based on what other top inside linebackers are making, we try to determine the financial impact Burfict’s next deal may have.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: wide receiver

Green is bringing home some heavy green.

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Defensive end

Dunlap makes almost as much as the rest of the defensive ends combined.

Evaluating Bengals’ options for extending Eifert in 2017 vs 2018

The Bengals’ star tight end will be a free agent after the 2017 season if the team doesn’t do something to change that this offseason.

Bengals must act now to ensure Burfict remains in Cincinnati long-term

The Bengals don’t want to lose their star linebacker, but should the team wait until the end of the 2017 season to decide what the value of his next contract will be?

Bengals salary cap breakdown: Center

Bodine is entering the final year of his rookie deal. What about the other Bengals centers? And how much cap space do they take up when combined?

Top 10 highest paid Bengals in 2017

Are the Bengals’ highest paid players also their best players?

Bengals contract review: Rookies Brandon Wilson and Mason Schreck

The Bengals are hoping their do-it-all DB and developmental TE become solid players down the line.

Bengals contract review: Rookies J.J. Dielman and Jordan Evans

The Bengals are hoping Evans and Dielman provide depth while developing into bigger roles during the course of their rookie deals.

Bengals contract review: Rookies Ryan Glasgow and Jake Elliott

How much are these two new Bengals making in 2017 and for the rest of their rookie contracts?

Carl Lawson and Josh Malone rookie contract breakdowns with Bengals

Both fourth round picks will be making a similar amounts of money during their first four years with the Bengals.

John Ross contract breakdown with Bengals

We take a look at what the Bengals’ rookie receiver will be making during the next four to five years.

Reviewing T.J. Johnson’s 2-year contract extension with Bengals

The Bengals are paying their backup center very nicely.

Evaluating Cedric Peerman’s contract with Bengals

Cedric Peerman continues to prove you can have a nice career in the NFL as a special teams ace.

Reviewing Kevin Minter’s 1-year contract with the Bengals

The Bengals are now paying four linebackers more than $3 million each for the 2017 season.

Reviewing Eric Winston’s 2017 contract with Bengals

The Bengals are keeping their veteran swing lineman who has been with the team since 2014 on a reasonable deal, with a positive twist.

Brandon LaFell contract breakdown with Bengals

LaFell gets a nice payday that’s also a manageable one for the Bengals.

Dre Kirkpatrick contract breakdown with Bengals

The Bengals are paying Dre Kirkpatrick handsomely, but it’s a good deal for both sides.

Randy Bullock’s contract details show he’s no lock to be Bengals’ kicker in 2017

The Bengals signed Randy Bullock to a multi-year deal, but it can be ripped up with no repercussion if the team finds a better option.

Bengals Roster 2016: Cincinnati’s 53-man roster is set

The Bengals’ 2016 53-man NFL roster is here! As of Saturday afternoon, these 53 players are on the squad. This will likely change a few times before Week 1 kicks off on September 11 against the New York Jets.

Rules for 53-man roster, practice squad, and waiver wire

Here’s everything you need to know about the Bengals’ roster cuts, how the waiver wire works and which players are practice squad eligible.