Baby Hawk's Practice Video


A look at practice like I've never seen before, courtesy of Baby Hawk.

Marvin Lewis on losing both coordinators


"It’s unique. Obviously, it’s very unique, and I think for that going into the offseason for me it’s got to be different. I’m standing here before you today. It’s a unique situation and that’s my job to address it right away and to understand that this offseason will not be like last offseason or the offseason before that. There’s real work to do. We’ve got new people we’ve got to get them up to speed right away. We’re going to have some new coaches on defense, two other new coaches on defense, and we’ve got new spots on offense and we’re going to have to go to work. This offseason is not going to be like any offseason we’ve had recently. It’ll be way different."

Fanspeak Mock draft create your own


While perusing for info on East West game I came across this little gem You are able to pick any team any amount of rounds Here's my effort all BPA

Adam Jones Wants To Re-Do His Deal


Pac was great this year, but hopefully Bengals address those who are due new deals first.

Carlos Dunlap on Paul Guenther


Jim Schwartz


Maybe he could be a good replacement to Zimmer

All Hipster NFL logos


Pretty funny stuff if you want a quick laugh....

In the huddle with Mike Zimmer lol


This is what we have all come to expect from old Zim.

Yardbarker discusses most pleasant surprise for Bengals this season.......


Nice recognition and well deserved for someone who got overlooked at times.........

Raiders sign Tony Dye


I'm guessing Tony never showed enough potential to merit another chance with the Bengals...