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18 clever Bengals-themed Fantasy Football team names

Want to be the pride of your fantasy league? Have a gander at some of our clever Bengals fantasy football team names--just give us a nod when you do use them.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Struggling to find that awesome fantasy football team name? Want to show your sense humor and Bengals pride when doing so? Have a gander at some of our ideas and feel free to use them as your fantasy team name. If you want to give us credit, we always like pats on the back.

If you have some of your own you're proud of, by all means, leave them in the comments section. Who knows? Maybe we'll steal one of yours next year...while giving proper credit, of course. How many different tongue-in-cheek entendres can you find?

The AJ's Like TD's

Sorry, Eiferted

Boling For Dollars

Tyler Twinning

Everyday I'm Ickey Shufflin'

Mistake By The Tate

Burfict Strangers


Rexual Healing


Geno 911!

(*Warning: A slew of Lionel Richie references are about to take place)

Sanu, Is It He You're Looking For?

Mojo, Is It Hue You're Looking For?

Dalton's Easy On Sunday Mornings

Beats By Reys

Hue Dey?!

The Eifert Tower

Keep Calm And Stay Turnt

We wish you the best of luck this year in your fantasy leagues, with the exception of if you're facing off against one of us. Keep checking in with Cincy Jungle for updated fantasy news and analysis through the season!