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Breaking down Jeremy Hill's 60-yard touchdown run

We break down Jeremy Hill's 60-yard touchdown run and identify why it was so successful. We think it had something to do with blocking... and a little dancing.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The anger was reaching riotous proportions. With 9:07 remaining in the fourth, quarterback Andy Dalton attempted a screen pass but was unable to grip the football, after making a last-second decision to hold onto it. It slipped, bounced off of Andrew Whitworth's back and into the loving embrace of the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Two plays later, the Jaguars successfully reduced Cincinnati's 26-10 lead into a field goal. We didn't need twitter. Andy Dalton knew the ramifications of his error.

Dalton GIF Reaction Jags

Thankfully, Josh Scobee did the one thing that kickers try to not to do... kick the ball out of bounds. Now, the Bengals had first down at their own 40-yard line with 8:13 remaining in the game.

Andy Dalton handed off to Jeremy Hill and the rookie running back took it 60 yards for the touchdown, giving Cincinnati the 33-23 lead (which would be the final score).

On the play, guards Mike Pollak and Clint Boling pulled from left to right. Right tackle Marshall Newhouse targeted Sen'Derrick Marks. Jermaine Gresham sealed defensive end Tyson Alualu and Kevin Brock absorbed linebacker, Geno Hayes. Russell Bodine and Andrew Whitworth successfully cut off Roy Miller and Red Bryant from any pursuit.

Hill 60-yard TD Jags

Now, Hill should have three lead blockers.

Unfortunately, Clint Boling is neutralized because Newhouse was unable to prevent Marks' penetration (aka, Boling just hit the first man through the line of scrimmage and that was Marks). The pulling Mike Pollak took out cornerback Dwayne Gratz (save David, Goliath usually always wins). Brock literally had the inside sealed.

Hill 60-yard TD Jags

Ryan Hewitt beautifully drove linebacker J.T. Thomas III out, just as Hill cuts upfield. Safety Johnthan Cyprien mirrored Thomas' over-pursuit and took himself out of the play.

Hill 60-yard TD Jags

The rest is on Hill, who did two (barely noticeable) stutter-steps and shed Peyton Thompson's tackle for the touchdown.

Hill 60-yard TD Jags GIF

Now... things are back to normal.