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Chalk Talk: Breaking Down the 2020 NFL Draft’s top QB prospects

With Andy Dalton benched, Matt Minich breaks down film of the 2020 draft’s top quarterbacks in Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, Oregon’s Justin Herbert and LSU’s Joe Burrow.

As some had predicted with the ushering in of the Zac Taylor era, a quarterback change is underway in Cincinnati. The Bengals have benched Andy Dalton and plan to not only see what rookie Ryan Finley has in him, but also have an eye on next year’s draft.

This week, I look at the film of the 2020 quarterback class revealing my current top-three and their respective skill sets. Who has got what it takes to be the elite quarterback that the Bengals have been waiting for?

On the audio version of the podcast, I speak with Joe Marino of the Draft Network about this year’s quarterback class. He reveals his top signal-caller in next year’s class and talks about who the best fit is for the Bengals.

Should the Bengals be worried about drafting another player coming off of an injury? Should they take the guy with the most experience and tools?

Is it the Ohio native who is destined for glory in Cincinnati? And does tanking do any good? All of these are on the slate for discussion.

Should the Bengals be tanking for Tua Tagovailoa, or should the (Joe) “Burrow” down deep into the loss column? Is the Oregon quarterback a future NFL star, or will the Bengals get Justin Her-burnt on the pick?

Are they falling for Jordan Love? Would drafting Jalen Hurt(s)?

The Bengals like have traditionally liked the Georgia players, but is the quarterback of the future Fromm Georgia? Is there good reason to take Jake Fromm’s Bulldog predecessor in Jacob Eason?

All of the film review content will be on SB Nation’s Cincy Jungle podcast channel, along with the other OBI episodes. New shows like the “Orange is the New Black” podcast from Ace Boogie and Zim WhoDey and “Sorry If I Spit When I Speak” from Dadio MakDook and Dr. Hodgie Smodgie have also been added to the channel’s audio slate.

The video of my film reviews can be found on the OBI YouTube page and/or Cincy Jungle’s Facebook page. Thanks for watching!