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Chalk Talk: Ryan Finley’s 2-minute drive; previewing the Steelers

In the final drive of the first half last Sunday, Finley looked like a capable quarterback, but penalties burned the Bengals.

Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Bengals came up just short once again this past week. The ever-elusive first win continues to evade Zac Taylor.

For an 0-10 team, there was a lot on the slate to talk about this week. On Week 12’s edition of “Chalk Talk”, we chat about injuries to key Bengals players, as well as the one to potential draft target Tua Tagovailoa, whose unfortunate hip dislocation is shaking up the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

I also talk about the defense’s performance in the aforementioned loss to Oakland Raiders. The offense’s two-minute drive led by Ryan Finley at the end of the first half was of particular focus on this episode.

On the audio version of the episode, Nick Farabaugh of Pro Football Talk joins me to catch us up on the Steelers. It wasn’t that long ago that these two teams met in Pittsburgh, but, as we all know, it has been an eventful week for the boys in Black and Yellow.

These Chalk Talk episodes will be available throughout the season and into the offseason. Be sure to tune in, as we continue to break down the X’s and O’s.

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