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Two Bengals Players Fined From Hits In Ravens Game

Two Bengals defenders were fined on Friday after the league reviewed some of their hits from the game against the Ravens.

Rob Carr

Sometimes it just pays to play offense in the NFL. You don't often see players on that side of the ball getting fines from the league for hits and the like, but we often see it from defensive players. The Cincinnati Bengals' unit has had their wallets hit hard throughout the year, particularly linebacker Vontaze Burfict, and that trend continued this week with two more fines being doled out.

The culprits were defensive back Chris Crocker and defensive end Carlos Dunlap from a couple of hits in the Ravens game. Their fines total $23,625 for their respective plays, with Dunlap bearing the brunt of that amount. He had a horse collar tackle on a sack of Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco that not only was a big 15-yard penalty, but left a $15,750 dent in his pocketbook.

Crocker had a face mask penalty in the first quarter and he was fined $7,875 for that play. As Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun reports, no Ravens were fined from the flag-filled game on Sunday.