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Hot Reads

A collection of Hot Read stories.

L.A. Stadium Deal Proposed By Raiders And Chargers

The Raiders and Chargers have hit negotiation snags for a new stadium in their respective cities, so they have decided to pursue a different option, together.

Rams Give Bradford Permission To Seek A Trade

A report surfaced on Wednesday that the St. Louis Rams have given permission to Sam Bradford to seek a trade. His potential availability might interest teams because of a weak free agent market at the position.

Report: Chiefs Let Go Of Two Wide Receivers

The Chiefs made a couple of moves on Tuesday by letting go of a pair of wide receivers.

Bengals vs. Steelers is really Defense vs. Defense

Whether it's the old versus the new, or the slow versus fast, Monday Night's game will come down to defense versus defense.

Harrison: I'm loyal to who is paying me

James Harrison grows irritated by the natural storyline with his first game against his former team.

Hot Read: Dalton's history against the Steelers

Taking a look at Andy Dalton's history against the Pittsburgh Steelers and how important a win against Pittsburgh is for the third-year quarterback.