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Hot Read: Harrison playing the Steelers a non-story... according to him

James Harrison grows irritated by the natural storyline with his first game against his former team.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

One of the storylines heading into Cincinnati's home opener this Monday night is James Harrison playing his first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers; the team he played ten season with and generated 64.0 career quarterback sacks.

Well, we thought it was.

Apparently the media agrees that while the storyline is noteworthy, it also sounds like they're trying to obtain a Harrison admission on how important this game is to him. Perhaps even on an emotional level. Then, during the media's lockerroom hangout with the team, Harrison finally just said stop.

"It’s about where I’m making my money at and that’s who I am going to be with. If you go to another newspaper you’re not going to be loyal to the other one are you?" Harrison said via "You all can’t seem to understand that concept; it’s a job. Yeah I enjoyed the guys who I worked with and I’m thankful for everything the organization and the Rooney family did for me but right now I’m with the Bengals and going to put everything I have into helping them win. Same thing I did with the Steelers."

Unfortunately for Deebo, he won't be able to escape from it, especially now that ESPN is in town for Monday Night's broadcast. Because you know that they'll milk that story for as much as it's worth.