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Bengals Cornerbacks Nate Clements And Jason Allen Listed As Doutbful

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It appears unlikely that cornerbacks Jason Allen and Nate Clements will be able to go this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars, listed as doubtful with Dre Kirkpatrick resting comfortably his customary "Out". Leon Hall is listed as questionable, but then again he was listed as questionable last week before becoming a gameday inactive against the Washington Redskins.

Bengals cornerbacks Leon Hall, Jason Allen and Dre Kirkpatrick worked out on the side field during Friday's practice, while Nate Clements wasn't on the field at all. Center Jeff Faine however returned to practice after missing Thursday's session. Bernard Scott is questionable and Roddrick Muckelroy, not on the practice/injury report from earlier this week, is listed as questionable.

In the "here's actually good news" category, defensive ends Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap are probable, as is safety Reggie Nelson and offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth.