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Marvin Lewis: Leon Hall with "significant Achilles" injury

Bengals cornerback Leon Hall suffered an Achilles injury against the Lions.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Leon Hall stood over Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson on first and goal from the Bengals three-yard line with 3:15 remaining in the first quarter. Hall trailed Johnson on the quick corner route as Matthew Stafford lobbed the football towards the back left pylon. The football fell incomplete but at some point, Cincinnati's best cornerback fell to the turf clutching his leg.

Though he walked back to the sidelines, the injury is one that Hall appears familiar with, based on his overall reaction. Hands on his face with teammates whispering words of encouragement, Hall was eventually carted back to the lockerroom and the team announced that he suffered an Achilles injury in his right leg and won't return.

After the game, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters that the injury is significant.

If Hall blew out his Achilles -- and that's the feeling -- then he's done for the season. Hall tore his left Achilles in '11. The Achilles injury against the Lions was to his right leg. Considering that team used their IR designation that allows one player to return later in the season on Andrew Hawkins, that option is off the table; though if Hall blew out his Achilles, he wouldn't be back until next summer.