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Andrew Hawkins feels he's 90-plus percent recovered

Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins feels close to recovery, but refused to give a timeline when he'd return.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As one player's season comes to a premature close, another will soon get started.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins told reporters on Monday that "he's 90 percent plus in his recovery" from a high ankle sprain that he suffered during training camp earlier this year. However, he was noncommittal about his actual return.

Per NFL rules, Hawkins has been eligible to practice since last week. However, since he's not on the 53-man roster, it's not mandatory for the team release his name on the official injury report. Additionally, the team only allows beat writers to observe a practice for the first 30 minutes; if Hawkins is working out any time after that, no one would notice.

Hawkins began doing pregame workouts with his teammates all the way back to Cleveland, running routes. The wide receiver was doing pregame routes against the Lions on Sunday, with one observer saying that he "looks every bit himself. Sharp cuts and a lot of speed."