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Bengals DT Geno Atkins dealt with knee issues

During an interview with the Miami press in preparation for this week's game against the Miami Dolphins, Geno Atkins admitted that he was playing through knee issues.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

During a chat with the Miami Dolphins media, Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Geno Atkins spoke about playing through knee issues earlier this year.

The tweet:

Obviously context can be lost with awful twitter limitations.

We looked through the team's injury and practice reports throughout the year and he hasn't appeared. Atkins did have a scary moment during training in 2012 when trainers were looking at his left knee, but that lasted all of two minutes. However, unless Atkins misses time during practice (which he literally doesn't do), then it makes sense that he'd be absent from those reports.

Atkins had a slow start this year against the run, but he's still leading the team with 5.0 quarterback sacks, posting at least a shared sack in all but two games (Bears, Lions).

However, unless we've completely missed something (which wouldn't be a first), this is the first we've heard about it.

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