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Andrew Whitworth confirms second procedure

The Pro Bowl left tackle has missed the offseason workouts, most of training camp, all of the preseason and the regular season opener.

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It's been theorized (here and here) that Andrew Whitworth's rehabilitation took a step back when the Pro Bowl offensive tackle was seen with a significant bandage around his knee during an episode of Hard Knocks. Well, for the first time Whitworth actually acknowledged that he had a second procedure, but it didn't necessarily have anything to do with his original procedure from February.

"I had a little re-injury and we set the timeline all over, got that situation fixed and now we’re close to being back to ready," Whitworth said on Wednesday, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "It was a totally different episode that caused another injury because you’re already dealing (with) something that already has been worked on," Whitworth said. "The quicker you go post-procedure, you’re endangering yourself, so we had to give ourselves a little time to heal and as soon as we’re ready were ready. It’s Marvin’s call."

That's right.

It wasn't even the same injury.

It's possible that Whitworth will play on Monday but I have a hard time believing that the team or Whitworth would rush back. Anthony Collins has done more than enough to warrant a conservative approach with Whitworth.