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Santonio Holmes won't play against Bengals - Or will he

In typical standoff fashion Santonio Holmes gives a hint to when he may return but then gets angry when the media interprets what he says

Ron Antonelli

It is no secret NFL teams don't want to show their hand too early to give opponents information before absolutely necessary. So when players respond to the media they are often coy in their responses.

When the New York media asked Santonio Holmes about his injury he stated:

"At this point, I think the bye week is coming at a great time," Holmes said. "It will give me five, maybe six weeks to get healthy and I should be ready to roll."

Any normal person hearing that would assume that Holmes would not be playing against the Bengals. The game against the Jets happens this weekend, one week before the Jets bye.

So when the media followed up with the question about being out for the Bengals game Holmes angrily says:

"I didn't say that, Don't put words in my mouth."

Holmes has not been practicing so it is safe to assume he will miss the game. One less weapon for Geno Smith to try and use against the Bengals.