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Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga out with a concussion

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was carted off the field with four minutes remaining in the second quarter.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With over ten minutes remaining in the second quarter, Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga shot through a canon on (what appeared to be) a designed run blitz. The resulting three-yard loss by Chris Ivory was negated on an accepted offensive hold by the Jets, despite Maualuga pleading to Marvin Lewis on the sidelines.

Later in the quarter, with 4:16 ticks on the clock, Maualuga was on the tackle that limited Ivory to only a two-yard gain at Cincinnati's 43-yard line.

It was a scary moment.

Maualuga laid on the turf and removed his helmet on his own. After several minutes, the cart retrieved Maualuga to a roaring Paul Brown Stadium crowd. Initially the team announced that Maualuga suffered a left knee injury and his return was questionable. Later in the quarter, the team announced that he was out.

However, instead of a left knee, the team announced that he had suffered a concussion (how do you get that confused?).