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Bengals vs. Jets: Nominations for Player of the Game

We're doing it because we've done it all year. But we're pretty sure we know how this will turn out.

Andy Lyons

Perhaps this one is a foregone conclusion.

We'll put a couple of names up and there are really only two that will feature as the game's most valuable players.

Marvin Jones: Not only was Jones' four-touchdown performance a career-best, it was most receiving touchdowns scored in a single-game by one player in the NFL since 2007 (Randy Moss, Terrell Owens). His 122 yards receiving on eight receptions are both career-highs.

Andy Dalton: As much as Marvin Jones is receiving all of the attention for scoring four touchdowns, it was Dalton that threw the passes, compiling a career-high five touchdown throws and a passer rating of 125.7. If we take out the interception and label it as an incomplete pass, Dalton's passer rating would have ballooned to a perfect 158.3 rating.

A.J. Green: While Jones and Dalton are enjoying a significant improvement in their relationship, Green steadily generated 115 yards receiving... on THREE receptions. Two of those receptions picked up 53 yards... each... including one with Antonio Cromartie in tight coverage.

Adam Jones: Jones has had a roller coaster season, struggling against the Browns and Bills, yet playing at the top of his game against the Patriots and Packers. However, his best game of the season happened Sunday. Along with scoring a touchdown on an interception return, Jones essentially shutdown the opposing receiver that he covered. When quarterbacks threw the football to Jones' guy, they completed five of ten for only 29 yards and an opposing quarterback rating of 16.7. Jones also finished second in tackles with six.