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Dolphins Starting Offensive Tackle Jonathan Martin Takes Leave After Teammate Prank

In a bizarre story, one of the Miami Dolphins starting offensive linemen left the team after teammates pulled a prank on him. He hasn't been with the team since and isn't expected to play on Thursday night.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Be prepared to read this one with puzzlement. According to multiple reports, Miami Dolphins starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has left the team with an "illness". Apparently, Martin had an absolute meltdown after teammates played a prank on him in the cafeteria on Monday and is doubtful for the Halloween matchup . The details of the incident haven't been leaked until recently, via The Miami Herald.

Initially, Martin was actually sick. The sources that broke the story said that teammates pulled a prank by getting up from a table at the cafeteria when Martin sat down next to them, claiming that they didn't want to be near him because he was sick. Martin reportedly "flipped out", slammed his food tray on the floor and stormed out of the room and the facility. He hasn't been back since.

Here are some tweets from Jay Glazer of FOX Sports and Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network, talking about the incident:

Martin was a second-round choice by the Dolphins in 2012 out of Stanford and was initially regarded as a top-15 pick. Some struggles on tape had him slip a bit and he has been a right tackle after playing the left in college. The timing of Martin being out couldn't have come at a worse time, given that the Miami offensive line leads the NFL in sacks allowed with 32, which has undoubtedly led to some of Ryan Tannehill's recent struggles.

We'll have more as it develops.