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Houston Texans Release Safety Ed Reed

The Houtson Texans announced on Tuesday that they have released future Hall of Fame defensive back, Ed Reed.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

It just might be time to officially call this season a disaster for the Houston Texans. Once thought of as one of the favorites in the AFC to appear in the Super Bowl, the "other" team in Texas has battled poor play, injuries to important players and a health scare with their head coach in 2013. Now, they have given up on one of their biggest free agent acquisitions.

According to multiple sources, the Texas released veteran safety Ed Reed on Tuesday. His release comes on the heels of publicly proclaiming that Houston was "outplayed and out coached" in their loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. Reed, a nine-time Pro Bowler and eight-time All-Pro, didn't do much of anything of note with Houston, racking up only 16 tackles in seven games played. He didn't have an interception, sack, and/or a forced fumble recorded on the year.

Reed has had an amazing football career, in both college and the NFL, but this may be his last hurrah in the league. We might see him latch on to a team in the playoff hunt for a final few games, but his health hasn't been the same and no one knows just how much he has left in the tank. We've seen more surprising things happen in the NFL, though.

The way that his contract was structured with Houston, Reed will receive his guaranteed $6 million for playing just those seven games. He will go on waivers and then become a free agent, if not claimed by a team.