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Playoff Watch: Colts Lead Jaguars 17-3, Battling For No.3 Seed With Bengals

Though the Bengals are trying to take care of business at home against the Ravens, there are other games that Bengals fans should monitor.

Michael Hickey

There are a number of teams involved in AFC match ups this Sunday that have major playoff implications. One of those games is taking place a few hours away from Paul Brown Stadium in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts are hosting the Jaguars and Andrew Luck's boys have their eyes on the three seed.

If the Colts can pull out the victory and the Bengals don't take care of the Ravens at home, the Colts could leapfrog them into the No.3 seed. In case you haven't been monitoring, Cincinnati currently has a 17-6 lead on Baltimore. Though it wouldn't make a huge difference in the first week of the playoffs, the No.3 seed obviously has a higher probability of hosting more playoff games.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, the Colts are handling the Jaguars as we write this. Thanks to the rushing attack headed by Donald Brown and Trent Richadrson, Indianapolis has a 17-3 lead against the struggling Jags. This performance comes on the heels of their 24-7 win against the Chiefs in Kansas City last week.

Obviously, if the Bengals can maintain their lead and win against the Ravens a Colts win becomes moot and the Bengals still have the No.3 seed.