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Playoff Watch: Jets Lead Dolphins In Miami

Though the Bengals are trying to take care of business at home against the Ravens, there are other games that Bengals fans should monitor.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's a wacky and wild week 17 in the NFL today (like the alliteration there?). Another game that Bengals fans could and should be interested in is one taking place in beautiful South Beach. The Miami Dolphins are fighting to claim the No.6 seed as they host the New York Jets, who have already been eliminated.

Though they aren't fighting for the playoffs, Gang Green is making a statement for the club to keep embattled head coach, Rex Ryan. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith has been very efficient on the day in the air and on the ground, where he has rushed for a touchdown. In the third quarter, the Jets lead the Dolphins 14-7.

If the Dolphins end up winning and the Bengals take care of the Ravens at home, Miami claims the No.6 seed and will travel to Cincinnati in the Wild Card round. That is, unless the Patriots end up losing and the Bengals can then claim the No.2 seed. Miami can also claim a spot with a tie and losses by the Ravens and Chargers.

Like I said--wacky.