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Report: Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton Involved In Car Accident

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was injured in a car wreck. Details are trickling in.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately for some people, it takes a very sobering reminder that professional athletes are normal people that have everyday problems. The latest example comes from Charlotte, North Carolina and a former No.1 draft pick of the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton.

Reports began surfacing, mostly from Jonathan Jones of The Charlotte Observer, that the team's star quarterback was involved in a car accident. The scene was scary, but as details keep rolling in, it seems like Newton is going to be okay.

Steve Crump with WBTV in Charlotte tweeted that a source at the local Police Department said that Newton was fine and actually didn't want to be taken to a hospital.

We'll have more details as they emerge, but it sounds like this scenario will end with a positive note after a very scary-looking scene.