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NFL's Competition Committee Might Not Change Extra Points For 2014

Rams coach and NFL Competition Committee member, Jeff Fisher appeared on ESPN Radio on Tuesday and addressed the notion of the league potentially changing how extra points are done.

Jason Miller

Sometimes there are examples of tweaking too many aspects of an already good product. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has walked that fine line in his tenure, with many changes that are viewed as progressive and positive and others bringing up a response similar to "uh…why?".

Special teams are once again the focus after the league altered the kickoff rules a couple of seasons ago. Now it's on post-touchdown formats and both sides of that Goodell fence could be heard with the recent notion of changing the long-standing format of the extra point.

Even though teams can opt for a two-point try, they are not forced to do so and thus why teams almost always choose to take the safe one-point route. Rams coach and Competition Committee member, Jeff Fisher was on ESPN radio Thursday morning and discussed the topic. Going by what Fisher said, there doesn't appear to be any changes to the format this season.

"I’m sure it will be discussed, but that’s a wide departure," Fisher said on Mike and Mike in the Morning, when asked about doing away with extra points. "The committee and the league has always been real careful about drastic changes like that. That came out of left field. It’s not been discussed by any committee members. We have not had a chance to visit with the commissioner with respect to that. It would be interesting to see where it goes, but I would say it’s unlikely that we see something happen this year."

If past history on rule changes show anything, it will likely either be very slight changes or a gradual change over a couple of seasons. The football traditionalist may scoff at changing a rule that has been in place since around the inception of the modern NFL, while other progressive types may want to see the rule changed to add some more excitement to the game. Both sides have valid points, but going by Fisher's word, it sounds like there will not be any other changes in 2014.