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Report: Houston Texans to be Featured On "Hard Knocks"

The HBO documentary has apparently found a new team to feature on the decorated show. The Houston Texans will be appearing on the 10th season of the series, slated to start in August.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

"Hard Knock" has found their annual test subject. Per multiple sources, first broken by Tania Ganguli of ESPN, HBO's "Hard Knocks" series will feature the Houston Texans in 2015. It will be the first time the young NFL franchise will be the focus of the show.

The Texans should be an interesting team to follow through the training camp series, given the talent and personalities they have collected in recent years. The NFL's golden child, J.J. Watt, will undoubtedly be a major star in the show, as will second-year player Jadaveon Clowney and Pro Bowl running back, Arian Foster.

Like other teams featured on the show in past years, a quarterback battle will also be taking center stage. Brian Hoyer, Tom Savage and Ryan Mallett will all be gunning for the starting gig. The rookies will also be something to watch with 2015 draftees including receiver Jaelen Strong, defensive back Kevin Johnson and linebacker Bernardrick McKinley.

Every year, the majority of teams shy away from volunteering for the series and the threat of being forced into appearing on the show, though that never seems to happen. There were a number of teams that were being tossed out as rumored considerations such as the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins, but the push behind the Texans really gained momentum in the past week.

The Cincinnati Bengals were featured on "Hard Knocks" twice in five years (2009, 2013) and they had the distinction of being the only team on display to make the playoffs that same year. Whether that has any true weight or if it's random coincidence is anyone's guess.