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Cincinnati Enquirer selects Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert in mock draft

In one of his final acts with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy offers a mock draft.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen mock drafts of all kinds in recent weeks, some of whom have thought... "you know, the Bengals could really use a defensive tackle". Others blindly select a quarterback in the first round, despite constant reminders from the team's coaching staff that quarterback won't be selected within the first round (yea, yea, misdirection... sure).

For the most part, common sense prevails, applying an argument for cornerback or offensive tackle. And no one knows the Bengals as well as fans or the local media that covers them. Joe Reedy, during his final week at the Cincinnati Enquirer before heading to Fox Sports to cover the Tribe, released his final mock draft on Tuesday (we think it's new, based on the fact it's on the front page of the sports section, despite a February 4 time stamp).

The selection? Oklahoma State cornerback, Justin Gilbert.

The Bengals are in the same position as last year – picking late in the first round but in a position where there is not a glaring need for an immediate starter. The secondary needs to get younger and build depth, offensive tackle depends on if Anthony Collins re-signs and how guard Clint Boling’s knee rehabilitation is going.