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Mock Draft 2015: Bengals select UK DE Bud Dupree

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Mocking the Draft selects Bud Dupree for the Bengals in this week's post-senior bowl mock draft. Cincinnati submitted a snorific pass rush in 2014 and one resolution is to add more unproven talent to the crop.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Again, with the pass rushing specialist.

Per this week's edition of Mocking the Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals are selecting Kentucky defensive end Bud Dupree:

The Bengals need to find someone up front on defense who will generate more of a pass rush than Wallace Gilberry has. Finding a good pass rushing end can be difficult after the first round, so going for the best one available could be an option at No. 21.

Wallace Gilberry and his 1.5 sacks or Carlos Dunlap and his eight? And we'll offer this perspective again... the Bengals drafted Margus Hunt in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft and Will Clarke in the third round, rounds in which the Bengals also drafted Dunlap and Michael Johnson. So there is value there.

Are the Bengals giving up on Hunt and Clarke?

In addition to that... the Bengals lost Michael Johnson but have held onto everyone else from the team's lethal pass rush during the three years prior to 2014. Maybe the question isn't talent. Maybe it's Paul Guenther's conservative play-calling? You decide.

Either way... I'm not convinced that Cincinnati's pass rushing issues will be resolved by the acquisition of unproven talent in the NFL.