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Mock Draft: Bengals select Missouri WR Dorial Green-Beckham

According to one mock draft, the Bengals will draft Missouri WR Dorial Green-Beckham. And that reminds me why everyone is still ignoring the Bengals' revised and public opinion on character flags.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Jeremiah has dedicated each of his mock drafts to assigning a defensive lineman to the Cincinnati Bengals, depending on how we view linebacker Bud Dupree (of course). During the post-combine mock draft, it was time to give Cincinnati Oregon defensive tackle Arik Armstead. Then earlier this week he said... screw it, let's go with a wide receiver, sending Missouri's Dorial Green-Beckham to Cincinnati.

The Bengals are desperate to win in the postseason ... maybe just desperate enough to roll the dice on the ultra-talented Green-Beckham, despite serious off-field concerns.

First of all... does anyone care about the Bengals VERY public position on "serious off-field concerns"? Here's a recap:

Regardless of your opinion, Mike Brown's view on this subject has evolved. At one point the Bengals were fine with questionable character guys, believing that second-chances and redemption stories benefited the Bengals with the application of quality talent on the cheap. The idea is that grabbing players that other people avoided would accelerate the talent pool with little cost. Sometimes it worked... other times it didn't.

"We made a conscious effort to draft and bring in good people," Brown said before Tuesday's kickoff luncheon in 2013. "I think with (Andy) Dalton and (A.J.) Green as examples, with (Andrew) Whitworth as an example, this is how we want to be perceived. Over the years we've dug ourselves into a hole. I'm probably the one who did it. We brought in guys and worked with them. Sometimes they came around and sometimes they didn't."

Around the same time, head coach Marvin Lewis reiterated Browns' point:

"I don't think Chris Henry, we would pick today," Lewis said via Dan Wetzel with Yahoo! Sports. "See, Chris had social issues [at the time of the draft but] he hadn't really gotten into legal issues. Chris would have a harder time today just because we would be more sketchy on if he could handle the day to day of being a good teammate."

"I think there was always a feeling that boys will be boys," Lewis continued. "There are some boys that just can't get over being boys. And unfortunately, the organization had to learn that."

Second of all... I could care less about the marijuana issues -- Leon Hall was busted with marijuana years ago and that dude is as professional (with quality character) as they come. Progressive attitudes are leading to national changes on this front -- show me a pothead and I'll show you someone that's causing no harm to anyone around them. However, an alleged burglary, an alleged violent act of shoving a woman down over stairs and an indefinite suspension at Missouri (which prevented him from playing last year) COMPLETELY counters Cincinnati's position. It's important for us to point out that no charges were filed but if our moral authority is resolved only via the justice system, then there is no moral authority.

And finally... the Bengals have A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones signed through 2015. Green will be in Cincinnati for the 2016 season -- everyone is expecting the franchise tag. We also wouldn't display an expression of disbelief if the Bengals successfully re-sign Marvin Jones -- if not both him and Sanu. It's not like it would be impossible to re-sign all three receivers but even if they can't, you will find it difficult for me to believe that a significant character flag in the first round is the only method to sustain/enhance that talent level.