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Mock Drafts

Mock drafts from other sources and our own at CJ.

Bengals Mock Draft roundup: Cincinnati has become a mystery for the experts

There’s even different quarterbacks being projected to the Bengals.

Cincy Jungle writers mock drafts: Which mock reigns supreme?

Vote on the mock draft you think is best for the Bengals!

Bengals mailbag: Fan mocks, narrowing down No. 11, and the power game

What small group of names can we assume will be in play at No. 11 for the Bengals? Could a mid-round, developmental quarterback be the best route in the 2019 draft? And, could a traditional-type of player in an innovative offensive system make sense?

How the Bengals’ draft could be different with an offensive or defensive focus

What if the Bengals addressed just their offensive needs in the draft? What if they focused on just the defense? These two mock drafts give us an idea of what those separate plans could look like.

11 for 11 draft series: Devin Bush is exactly what the Bengals defense needs

Linebacker remains the most pressing positional need for the Cincinnati Bengals this year. One of two talented guys could land in their lap at No. 11.

2 scenarios for a 5-round Bengals mock draft

Two Cincy Jungle contributors recently got together to give their thoughts on how the NFL Draft could play out for the Cincinnati Bengals.

11 for 11 NFL Draft series: Is Ed Oliver the next great Bengals defensive lineman?

The Cincinnati Bengals may have an outside shot at a dominant college player who could immediately help their rebuilding defense.

The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 4/17 livestream

It’s mock draft time! John and Anthony give their choices for the the Bengals for each one of their picks!

11 for 11 draft series: Can Dwayne Haskins get Cincinnati over the hump?

After seeming as if he would be out of reach, one of the classes best quarterback prospects could be available at No. 11 for the Bengals.

Bengals trade back into the 1st round for a quarterback in 7-round mock

It doesn’t seem likely, but it is always interesting to see the logistics of how the Bengals could move back into the first round.

Bengals get a quarterback and linebacker in 7-round mock draft

This is one scenario where the Bengals could add a quarterback of the future while still addressing their need at linebacker.

Bengals get a new name at QB in ‘best-case’ mock draft

Andy Dalton gets a new backup in the third round.

SB Nation Mock Draft: Bengals select Devin Bush to fortify defense

The Cincinnati Bengals had a terrible defensive unit last year, but Bush should be an immediate impact player in the middle of the team’s rebuilding project.

Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay have Bengals going in different directions in dueling mock draft

Would the Bengals take a quarterback over a linebacker? Or a linebacker over a top-5 player?

How Bengals could have a QB fall into their laps in Round 1

Quarterback may not be the primary plan for the Bengals in this year’s draft, but the opportunity may still present itself.

NFL Mock Draft Roundup: New names to watch for the Bengals

As it looks less and less likely that Devin White could end up being the Bengals pick, who could the team’s pick end up being?

Mel Kiper has Bengals going with the other Devin in latest mock draft

Surprise, surprise.

NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Bengals have opened up a world of possibilities

The Bengals haven’t had much variety in the players that have been mocked to them this offseason, but that has apparently changed after the first wave of free agency.

NFL Mock Draft roundup: LB Devin White remains ultra-connected to Bengals

The former LSU linebacker still dominates the Bengals first-round projections, but a new offensive tackle has had his hat thrown in the ring as well.

Todd McShay still thinks the Bengals have a shot at drafting LB Devin White

Devin White balled out at the Combine, but Todd McShay still thinks the Bengals may have a chance to draft him at 11th overall.

Here’s how the Bengals can attack their 3 biggest needs in the draft

The NFL Draft will be here sooner than you think. Here is a look at how the Bengals could attack the first two days of the draft. mock draft has a new name landing in Cincinnati

The Bengals need a linebacker, but could one other than Devin White be the pick at No. 11?

Mel Kiper’s latest mock has Bengals selecting a familiar prospect

Mel Kiper gives the Bengals’ eventual defensive coordinator a new toy to work with.

Bengals attack a new position pick in new mock draft

Would the Bengals go quarterback if the right one fell to them?

Todd McShay selects a new name for the Bengals in latest mock draft

The areas of need for Cincinnati in the draft are very clear, but the names for those needs seem to becoming pretty fluid.

Could the Bengals select a tight end with 11th pick?

There is a growing list of names that could be perfect fits for the Bengals, but could a tight end be added to that list?

NFL mock draft roundup: Bengals selection becomes more diversified

The most recent round of mock drafts has the Bengals attempting to address different needs with some new names.

Bengals grab an OT in Mel Kiper’s first mock draft

But it’s not Jonah Williams.

NFL Mock Draft: Devin White becoming a popular choice for the Bengals

But would you rather have him than Ed Oliver?

2019 NFL Mock Draft: Bengals find an upgrade at linebacker

The Bengals turn back to LSU to find an answer in the second level of their defense.

2018 Bengals mock draft database: tracking every mock selection

Who is the most popular mock draft selection for the Bengals? We’re tracking every mock draft pick right here!

7 round Bengals mock draft from B/R adds talent but leaves holes

The Bengals address some areas of need later than they should while picking based on value in this recent mock draft.

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Bengals Post Combine Mock Draft

The Bengals start the draft with two players from the same school and look to solve the Tyler Eifert problem in an unexpected way.

4-round mock draft by gives the Bengals a new name at No. 12

Could the Bengals take a small-school pass-rusher with the No. 12 pick?

Bengals mock draft: 4-round NFL Combine Edition

This offseason is about both filling needs and finding immediate impact players. This early mock draft fulfills both of those of requirements.

Bengals 7-round mock draft kicks off with a guard in Round 1

Cincinnati goes heavy on offensive linemen in the first three rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft. Or, so this mock draft will lead you to believe.