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NFL Combine 2013: Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Transcript

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spent a few minutes speaking with the media on Thursday at the NFL Combine.


"I am fired up to be here. I haven't been able to talk with you guys much, we're getting everything moved in, in Kansas City, and getting settled down a little bit. I am looking forward to this whole process that we are going through here with the combine and all the personnel decisions that need to be made in the next few months here. John Dorsey and I have had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time together here over the last few weeks and he's had the opportunity to also have the scouts in here for a couple weeks and me with them. The process is in full movement ahead and we'll see how things work out as time goes on."

Q: Can you give us an evaluation of the quarterbacks you currently have on your roster?

REID: "I've had the opportunity to go through and look at the quarterbacks. I think that Scott Pioli did a good job of bringing guys in to give us an opportunity to win games with some of the guys that are there. Again, we are going to go through the whole process of looking at the college kids that are here, free agency and any trade possibilities that come up."

Q: You had a similar beginning in Philadelphia. Do you like the challenge of taking a team that is at the bottom and starting over?

REID: "Well, it is a great challenge. I have had a chance to meet some of the players, and they are anxious to move forward. I think Romeo did a nice job of building a good foundation there, and then it is my responsibility to build on that and take it to the next level. That is what we are doing. Is it similar to taking over in Philadelphia? Yes, it is similar. It is a challenge and I love that opportunity."

Q: Dwayne Bowe, whether he is a franchise guy or a long-term contract, will he be playing for the Chiefs next year?

REID: "We are going through that right now. Free agency kicks off here in a little bit and we will see what happens before free agency. The main thing is, there is communication there and we'll just see how it works out over the next few weeks."

Q: Can you talk about your link with John Dorsey in your short time together?

REID: "It is a short time together in Kansas City, but a lot of years before that we were together for my seven years in Green Bay. We were both starting off, starting that climb up that ladder I guess you could say. John's wife is from Kansas City, so he has vested interests in the city of Kansas City. It was going to take a place like that to where he would leave Green Bay. So, I thought it would be a natural fit. From my side, I was hired first so I thought that would be a natural fit and Clark [Hunt] obviously felt the same way. He interviewed him and liked what he brought to the table and hired him."

Q: When you look at your individual talent, do they look like a team that went 2-14?

REID: "I think there is some good talent on that football team. It is important that we all do our jobs and do it to the best of our ability as coaches and players. It takes both, and the players that I've talked to, they understand that you've got to give up a little to get some, to get a positive result. As they enter this offseason, they've got to really dedicate themselves, as do the coaches, to pull this thing together and make the Kansas City Chiefs better."

Q: Is Nick Foles someone you will possibly consider if he's available?

REID: "He's not available. You just had Howie (Roseman) up here, so I think you know that. I'm glad you asked the question. I miss that. Listen, Nick is the property of the Philadelphia Eagles, and I think they like him."

Q: You drafted him.

REID: "Sure. I drafted him along with Howie, and Howie is still there and I know Howie still likes him."

Q: What do you think you'll do with Branden Albert?

REID: "We haven't gone through all that. I had him in because he had a fairly significant injury, so we've kind of got to work through that. I've got to see how all that works out."

Q: How much time have you put into looking at the quarterbacks in the draft thus far?

REID: "I have. I've had an opportunity to start that process and kind of crank through that. I'm still in the process right now, but it will be good to meet with a couple of them here. I had a chance to meet with a couple of them down at the Senior Bowl, so we'll just take it step by step there."

Q: How do you think this class ranks among others?

REID: "You're coming off a phenomenal year of quarterbacks, one that doesn't come around very often, but I would tell you that there are some good players in there. Yes."

Q: You have a lot of options having the first overall pick. Can you talk about Texas A&M's offensive lineman Luke Joeckel?

REID: "I'm not sure all I can say about all these guys right now. I did have a chance to look at him, and I'll tell you, he's a pretty good football player. I heard he's a pretty good football player on film, and he was a pretty good football player. I haven't had an opportunity to meet him. I look forward to having that opportunity."

Q: What do you think about playing against the Broncos, Chargers and Raiders?

REID: "I'll tell you it's a pretty good division. The Broncos, I'm sure they're probably looking for a quarterback, too. He's (Peyton Manning) a pretty good player. I think we know that. They've got a lot of good players, and they've got a phenomenal coach. You see what happened in San Diego with the hiring there. Mike [McCoy] is a heck of a football coach, great offensive mind. He's got a quarterback that is a good football player, and he's got a good surrounding cast. Then you look at Oakland, they're a good football team. Reggie [McKenzie] is building that thing up and doing a nice job there, so I think there is great competition in there. Obviously, we didn't do very well last year in that conference, so we've got our work cut out for us."

Q: Would you negotiate trading the top pick?

REID: "Yeah, we're going to evaluate everything. We're just not going to give it away, so we'd have to see what people throw our way. It's a pretty valuable pick I'd say."

Q: You talked about your relationship with John Schneider (meant John Dorsey). Was Tom Heckert under consideration at all for GM? You guys had a previous relationship as well?

REID: "Well John Schneider is a heck of a GM, but he's in Seattle. That's alright. John Dorsey, John Dorsey is very good at what he does and Tom Heckert is phenomenal at what he does. I just thought as it went, that John [Dorsey] was the best fit for the Chiefs."

Q: How do you think Jamaal Charles will fit into your offense?

REID: "I think you can probably put him in any offense and he's going to do a heck of a job. He's a very good running back and there are probably a lot of coaches in this league that would like to have him. He's a heck of a player. I'm not going to change that. I'm going to give him an opportunity to do his thing and do what he does best. I look forward to working with him."

Q: In 1999, you took a guy in the top five that turned into one of the top players in Eagles history. You don't get these top picks very often. Talk about how much of an impact getting this pick right can have for a franchise over the next decade?

REID: "You know, you want to make the right pick. You don't want to force yourself into a position or anything. You want to take the right guy that fits in the best for what you do. So you go through, most of the questions asked have been asked about the quarterback position, but it's important that we go through and evaluate everybody. You don't go for need, you go for who the best player is, or who you perceive the best player to be is and you put them in there and that's what you go with."

Q: Is the top five too early to pick a guard in the draft?

REID: "You go with the best player. So if the best player is a guard, then you go with the guard. I think it's important that you look at it that way. If you don't, that's where the mistakes take place."

Q: When you had the second pick in 1999, the draft was deep at the quarterback position. Before that draft, did you give any thought to possibly trading down? Did you get many offers?

REID: "Coach Ditka, yeah that was a pretty big offer. We looked at all of those; we looked at all the offers. We felt that that pick was an important pick and we had an opportunity to pick up Donovan [McNabb] there and it worked out pretty good for us. But we did, we looked at all the different options and kind of weighed them out."

Q: Branden Albert. Are you satisfied in the short term/long term that he's healthy?

REID: "We're kind of going through that whole thing right now. So he came in, our doctors were able to evaluate him, we're talking through it and we'll kind of reconvene after we're done with this week down here and we'll go back and talk about it some more."

Q: You were with Pat Shurmur a long time. How do you think it will work out with him and Chip Kelly and what are your thoughts on Pat's ability?

REID: "Well, listen, I think Pat's tremendous. And I think Chip is a phenomenal football coach. I think it worked out great for the Philadelphia Eagles. I thought that was very important. I'd be foolish to tell you anything different than that. I care about ownership there, I care about those players, you want them to have the best possible situation that they can have so that they can win football games. So I'm very happy that they got Chip and Pat and the rest of the coaches they got. I thought they did a heck of a job of bringing people in and giving themselves an opportunity to win football games. That organization was way too good to me to feel any different than that."