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NFL Combine 2013: Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen Transcript

Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen spoke to the media yesterday at the combine, addressing his team's quarterback situation and the difficulty of his division.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

"Back at the combine again. It's a great opportunity for us to start getting ready for next year with free agency and the draft coming up. We're excited about getting to work."

On prioritizing the offseason:

"What we got to do is we've got to begin to identify what's out there and what's available in the draft as well as through free agency, both with our own players we had last year and also with what's out there on the market and try to categorize where you think you might be able to fill needs, whether you're going to do it through free agency or whether this is a draft that's deep enough that you can do it through that."

On being more comfortable in Year 2:

"Yeah, last year it was the Senior Bowl when I got hired. We'd just completed the staff and really gotten our feet on the ground. This offseason we've had some time to hit the ground running a little bit and I think we have a clear plan of what we're trying to get done and what we want to get accomplished this year."

On possibility of acquiring picks in middle rounds to take advantage of knowledge from coaching Senior Bowl:

"First of all, to really comment on the Senior Bowl, it was an outstanding experience for us, for our staff to be able to be there and see those players up close and personal and evaluate, not how they play the game of football, but really what types of people they really are. Because when you look at the draft and you look at the challenges you face and why some people don't make it in the National Football League, a lot of times that's more to do with the type of person they are and what motivates them to succeed more so than it is just on athletic talent. So I think the ability to get to know those guys a little bit gives us some inside information and helps us make a better decision on draft day. I think, really, when you look at the draft, obviously everybody wants to have as many draft picks as you can possibly have. So it's a delicate balance of making sure you want to . . . you want to accumulate draft picks if you can, but at the same time you want to make sure you identify the guys you really want and make sure you get the guys you really want."

On another John Fox coordinator got a head job in the division:

"There's only 32 of these guys, so it's a little unusual that it would be two years in a row that a coordinator would get a head-coaching job out of the same division, but Mike McCoy did an outstanding job there. If you look at what he did in really changing an offense with Tim Tebow and then he gets Peyton Manning in there this year, and it's a totally different system and a totally different way of doing things. But, yet, was able to have success doing it both ways. That speaks volumes for Mike McCoy, John Fox, really that organization in general and what they were able to do. Mike will be, I think, this division with Andy Reid coming in this division and with Mike McCoy in San Diego, this division will continue to get better."

On the Broncos:

"Every year is a new year. And that team was totally different than it was in previous years. I think a lot of people make a lot of that, probably more so that what's really there."

On coping with the salary cap a year after taking over:

"It's a process, and things don't happen overnight. So, yeah, there's a process that we're going through to get ourselves out of that situation. We're closer to being there this year. We're missing a second and fifth-round draft choice this year. Last year, we didn't get to pick until the compensatory pick in the third round. So we're making some progress in that regard, and we'll continue to work on that throughout the offseason."

On Lamarr Houston at the three-technique:

"I think that's certainly a possibility. I think if you saw him there, you'll see more in sub-down situations, nickel situations. But we'll look at, once we get through the free-agency period and once we get through the draft period, we'll have a better feel for exactly who we have on our football team and then it's our job as coaches to put them in the best positions to have success."

On Terrelle Pryor:

"I thought in the final game of the season, I thought he showed some things, not just from an athletic standpoint, but from a control standpoint, from a leadership standpoint on the field that was something for us to build on going forward. I said there will be competition at the quarterback position, as well as any other position on our football team. I think that's the way you build a solid football team when create competition at all positions, at all levels. So I'm looking forward to watching him. I'm looking forward to watching Carson. I'm looking forward to get out there with all our players?"

On adding a QB for the competition:

"We won't go into camp with two quarterbacks."

To potentially compete to start?

"We'll see. Like I said, if there are things we can do to create competition, whatever position it is, we're going to try to do that."

On competition with coaches he knows within the division:

"I don't think it adds anything extra. It's a unique situation. Those guys are good friends of mine. But when it's game day, you're trying to win. It doesn't matter if it's your mom, or grandmother, or Mike McCoy."

On working with Sean Payton:

"I've said this before and I'll reiterate it. I came into the National Football League with the Atlanta Falcons, but I grew up with the New Orleans Saints. That organization, from top to bottom, was kind of where I formulated my plan for when I got an opportunity that's how I wanted to do it, from Mickey Loomis to Sean Payton, Joe Vitt, Bill Johnson, all those guys were over there were extremely influential in my career."

On Michael Huff:

"First of all on Michael Huff, to be able to do what he did this year speaks volumes about him. It's a very unselfish move to move to a position, quite honestly, you're on an island and everybody's watching you. I thought as the season went on, he got better playing that position. I think at the end of the day, his natural fit is at safety but I think he'll do anything we need him to do to give us a chance to be successful."

On Marquise Goodwin from the Senior Bowl:

"I felt really good about Marquise. We all know what type of explosive athlete he is and how fast he is. But I think just getting a chance to know him a little bit and really watching him as a route-runner, I was really impressed with him as a route-runner. That's one of the things you don't always think about with those guys who are really, really fast, just how precise we runs a route. I think he's got a good foundation for moving forward in the NFL."