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2014 Free Agency: Cleveland Browns Release Quarterback Jason Campbell

The Cleveland Browns released their second quarterback within an hour when a report broke that Jason Campbell was released.

Jason Miller

What do you think Adam Schefter's life is like right now? Consumed by the first two days of free agency, the Insider at ESPN has been a must-follow on Twitter because of his wealth of breaking news. He broke a stunner on Tuesday afternoon when the Browns released their second quarterback in one hour, with Jason Cambell following the recently-departed Brandon Weeden.

Campbell filled in for the Browns last season after Brian Hoyer went down with a season-ending knee injury. He started eight games and went 1-7 in those contests while throwing eleven touchdowns and eight interceptions. With the turnover in the coaching staff and front office, it's likely that the team viewed Campbell as a preference of the past regime and didn't fit into the team's plans going forward.

There are two things to watch with Campbell's release. Starting with the obvious, the Browns are clearly in the market for a quarterback. Some believe that they are waiting for Matt Schaub to enter the free market to make a play for him, while others are certain that they will take a rookie at No.4 overall. Heck, given the team's early spending spree, they could opt for both avenues.

The other is the connection between Campbell and current Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. When Jackson was the head coach of the Raiders in 2011, Campbell was the team's starting quarterback. After Campbell went down with a season-ending injury, it prompted Jackson and the Raiders to make the blockbuster trade with the Bengals for then-disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer. The Bengals could be in the market for an experienced backup quarterback this year and Campbell could fit that bill.