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2014 Free Agents: Limited backup quarterback options

The Cincinnati Bengals could be looking for a veteran backup quarterback for Andy Dalton. When you look at the team's options, they're limited (because of reported non-interest or those free agents looking to return to their previous teams).

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With backup quarterback Josh Johnson entering free agency next month, the Cincinnati Bengals will have to figure out what they want to do at quarterback. Since Johnson only took part in 15 snaps in 2013, with none resulting in an attempted pass, and since Johnson was a Jay Gruden guy (spent time together in Tampa Bay), we don't see Johnson coming back.

That leaves two options.

Free agency and the NFL draft.

If the Bengals go the free agency route, their options are limited.

Michael Vick: One report has already said that the Bengals aren't interested. So that's that.

Josh McCown: McCown, who turns 35 this July, is reportedly looking for a multi-year deal and, according to the Chicago Tribune, has an "overwhelming desire" to return with the Chicago Bears. Due to an assortment of injuries with Jay Cutler, McCown played eight games, completing 66.5 percent of his passes for 1,829 yards with 13 touchdowns and one interception. The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also been rumored as having interest.

Matt Cassel: The veteran quarterback opted out of his contract in Minnesota, leaving $3.7 million on the table -- which makes you think that he's looking for more money. Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said that they're interested in bringing Cassel back.

Josh Freeman: Really, who wants him? An odd 2013 season caused Freeman to lose his starting job in Tampa Bay, eventually being traded to Minnesota where he was reportedly late to "numerous meetings". Freeman started a Monday Night game against the New York Giants, but looked confused in the 23-7 loss. He didn't play another game. The Oakland Raiders are reportedly interested in Freeman, which should tell you all that you need about him.

Chad Henne: Played 15 games in 2013 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, completing 60.6 percent of his passes for 3,241 yards, 13 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. All indications are that the Jaguars will bring Henne back in 2014 where he could theoretically mentor a quarterback if Jacksonville uses their No. 3 selection on a passer.

Tarvaris Jackson: According to reports, Jackson and the Seattle Seahawks have a mutual interest in a new deal. Jackson, who was Russell Wilson's backup in 2013, completed only 10 of 13 passes with 151 yards passing and a touchdown.

Other options:

Matt Flynn
Colt McCoy
Shaun Hill
Kellen Clemens
Luke McCown
Derek Anderson
David Garrard
Dan Orlovsky
Rex Grossman
Curtis Painter
Jimmy Clausen
Charlie Whitehurst
Brady Quinn