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Bengals making last-second effort to re-sign Anthony Collins

The Cincinnati Bengals want to re-sign Collins before he enters free agency so that the market doesn't dictate exorbitant salaries. But it might be too late.


When Saturday rolls out around, a window opens. The agents of players entering free agency as unrestricted free agents can begin negotiations with new teams. The three day window will lead into free agency on Tuesday when contracts can officially be signed.

In other words, Saturday could be the day that Cincinnati loses offensive tackle Anthony Collins and defensive end Michael Johnson -- only that a contract isn't official until the new league year on March 11 (4 p.m).

It makes sense that the Bengals are making a last-second push to re-sign Collins, according to Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network.

The left tackle market includes names like Eugene Monroe, who Miami likes but is looking for an annual salary of $10 million, and Brandon Albert, who the Arizona Cardinals are expected to make a big push for.

Either way, everything will find its conclusion fairly soon.