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NFL Odds

A look at the latest NFL odds.

Bengals vs. Raiders: Analysis, odds, expert picks and predictions

The Bengals are actually favored this week, which could be the last time that happens this season.

Bengals vs Browns: Oddsmakers and experts predict a close game in Cincinnati

The oddsmakers and experts aren’t very confident in the Bengals chances holding off the Browns.

Bengals vs Saints: Odds, expert picks, analysis and predictions

Just how big of an underdog are the Bengals in Week 10 against the Bengals.

Bengals at Chiefs: Odds, expert picks, analysis, predictions

The oddsmakers and experts aren’t exactly confident in the Bengals this week against the Chiefs. You shouldn’t be surprised.

Oddsmakers predict a close and low scoring game between the Bengals and Panthers

Despite starting off 2-0, the Bengals are still a bit of an underdog as they head into Carolina.

Latest NFL MVP odds include Andy Dalton and A.J. Green

The Bengals will need to have a major resurgence to have an MVP candidate in 2018.

Bengals and Browns have same odds to win the AFC

No respect for the Bengals has been a consistent theme this offseason.

Bengals tied for worst odds to win the Super Bowl

It’s becoming abundantly clear that the Bengals will be big underdogs in 2018.