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Power rankings week 7 - AFC West is strong

A win is a win for the Bengals that stay in the top 10 after the win in Buffalo

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The top is tough. I think the Saints belong above the Bengals. I think the Bengals still belong above the Patriots. The Patriots just beat the Saints. This leaves me with a tough way to rank them. I will say I think the Saints probably win on a neutral field. The Seahawks are really good at home and still have that outstanding defense. The Bengals may be a little high but the wins over two top 10 teams make their resume look good.

Here are my rankings:

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Broncos 6-0 1 Still the top team, but you have to question this defense a little? Sometime Manning is not going to be able to score at will and the Broncos may be in trouble. 1
Chiefs 6-0 2 The matchup is still several weeks away, but this could be the kind of team that causes the donkeys a little trouble 2
Seahawks 5-1 3 I thought they would handle the Titans a little better at home but they still are tough on their home court 4
Saints 5-1 4 Almost had a tough one on the road in New England. I still think the Saints are the better team on a neutral field 3
Bengals 4-2 5 A win on the road for the WhoDey against a team they usually struggle against. Now in possession of the top spot in the division 6
Patriots 5-1 6 Brady did what Brady does at the end of the game. When you let them stay in the game they usually make you pay. That is unless Pac Man Jones says" Ho… where the F*** did you come from" and picks Brady off to ice it. 8
Bears 4-2 7 Good news is they won on Thursday night. Bad news is they barely won against the Giants who did not want to win 5
Lions 4-2 8 The Lions are starting to click and are happy to have Calvin Johnson bacl in the lineup. A big second half toppled the Browns on Sunday 12
Colts 4-2 9 This team could be scary if Trent Richardson begins to produce. T.Y. Hilton has become a legitimate threat but they egg they laid last night was ugly 7
Packers 3-2 10 Eddie Lacy has 219 yds combined the last two weeks. Not bad for a team that is a pass first offense 10
49ers 4-2 11 Vernon Davis decided he was going to embarrass the Cardinals. 8 catches, 180 yds and 2 touchdowns. 14
Titans 3-3 12 Titans have a tough defense and are built to run the ball on offense. However, Chris Johnson can't seem to get the train moving 11
Cowboys 3-3 13 They average 30.5 points a game and are 3 and 3. Some teams play defense, some don't 9
Ravens 3-3 14 Not a very good offensive line mean Ray Rice looks pedestrian. Joe Flacco is busy running for his life. But he does it in an "elite" manner I guess 13
Dolphins 3-2 15 Miami faces a Buffalo team that likes to run the ball a bit. Mike Wallace wants the ball, Tannehill needs to get it to him 15
Rams 3-3 16 Just a thrashing in Houston. Rams earned the right to jump. 22
Browns 3-3 17 They had the Lions on the ropes, but the 61 year old Brandon Weeden tossed what may have been the ugliest pass in the NFL this season for a back breaking pick. 17
Chargers 3-3 18 Was it a must win in week 6? When two teams in your division are undefeated and not looking back, this means you have to try and keep pace. Big win against the Colts last night 26
Cardinals 3-3 19 A bad line and Carson Palmer spells interception. I don't hate Palmer, but I like to see him struggle. 20
Eagles 3-3 20 Nick Foles, 3 td's no turnovers. Too bad there is no defense in the NFC East. 21
Jets 3-3 21 J-E-T-S STINK. Not only did they lose to a winless team, but it was the freaking Steelers. Shame on you JETS. 18
Bills 2-4 22 Gave the Bengals just about all they could handle. But the Bengals did handle it, and the Bills lost… again. 19
Falcons 1-4 23 Losing Julio Jones is not devastating, but it makes Matt Ryans job that much harder. I wonder if Tony Gonzales regrets his decision to return 23
Raiders 2-4 24 Terrelle Pryor was sacked 4 times on Sunday. Maybe the QB position isn't the issue in Oakland? 24
Redskins 1-4 25 Is it weird to think Griffin already looks washed up? Some terrible turnovers and a ho hum attitude on the sidelines. 25
Steelers 1-4 26 Well, it happened. They finally won. I guess the sun does shine on a …. 31
Texans 2-4 27 Good News is Matt Schaub did not throw a pick 6. Bad news is it didn't matter, they lost 38-6 at home to the Rams. 16
Panthers 2-3 28 Just when you thought Cam Newton was fading away, he had a big game against the Vikings and showed his ability 27
Vikings 1-4 29 No defense, behind on the score board, nothing from Peterson, no chance. 28
Buccaneers 0-5 30 When Schiano gets fired, I wonder if anyone reminisces about the times he had his players blow up the V formation 30
Jaguars 0-6 31 Signs of life against the Broncos. So there is a pulse, but it is faint. 32
Giants 0-6 32 They just don't care anymore. Bad play from uninspired players. 29