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Power Rankings: Ten-and-under Can Ride This Ride

Taking a look at the national power rankings around the interwebz and how they rank the Cincinnati Bengals.

Streeter Lecka

No one really knows how to explain the Cincinnati Bengals right now. There's a Mike Zimmer defense that's missing the usual bite and snarl, and an offense that's not unlike the first ten minutes in Bourne Identity -- you see him do some amazing things sometimes, but he hasn't a clue who he is.

This writer wished that was applied to everyone outside of the Bengals moat, but most of us aren't really sure what to expect any more. We think we know. We want to know. We're just waiting to confirm what we think we might know. OK then.

Most of the national power rankings bounced the Bengals outside the top-ten, except for the mothership who must have felt bad for our loss against the Browns on Sunday.

SB Nation 6 6 10
ESPN 11 6 10 (Prisco) 12 8 12
Fox Sports (Billick) 12 5 9 11 6 10
Pro Football Talk 15 7 11