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Power Rankings Week 8 - A new team on top

With the Chiefs staying perfect and the Broncos stumbling in Indy, there is a new team atop the rankings.

For the Bengals, they score another win on the road against a good team. This keeps them high in the rankings. However, the real story is the Chiefs. They deserve the top spot with a defense that is crushing opposing offenses.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Chiefs 7-0 1 This defense is really strong. They pressure the QB and also have the secondary to shut down opposing offenses. As long as Jamaal Charles stays healthy the Chiefs could continue their winning ways. 2
Seahawks 6-1 2 The top two teams in this ranking are probably the two best all around defenses. As they say, defense wins championships 3
Broncos 6-1 3 This team is all offense. The last few weeks their defense has been unable to make a stop. 1
Saints 5-1 4 No movement for the bye week. 4
Colts 5-2 5 A huge showing Sunday night against the Broncos. Andrew Luck played well and the defense was able to pressure Peyton Manning all day. 9
Bengals 5-2 6 Another nail biter but a strong road win against a first place team. The Bengals are not shying away from any good team this season. 5
49ers 5-2 7 Winners of four in a row head to London to face the Jaguars. Make it 5 in a row… 11
Patriots 5-2 8 Rob Gronkowski returned and had a good day. Yet the Patriots stumbled against the Jets and left that division wide open. 6
Packers 4-2 9 The Packers need to not lose any more receiving options. Rodgers top weapons are getting hurt. 10
Cowboys 4-3 10 They have the stats, but their running game is weak. They need to add some quality wins to their schedule. Myabe @ Detroit will be that win. 13
Bears 4-3 11 After a great start, the Bears are crumbling. Without Jay Cutler this team is going to suffer. 7
Lions 4-3 12 Calvin Johnson left it all on the field against the Bengals, it wasn't enough though as the Bengals just outplayed the Lions. 8
Chargers 4-3 13 Trying to keep pace in this division is tough, but the Chargers won another game they were supposed to. 18
Jets 4-3 14 The defense is good enough to keep teams in games. If the offense can get it together, this team could make a run at the division. 21
Panthers 3-3 15 This defense is allowing only 13.8 points a game. The offense has only played well enough to get them to .500 28
Ravens 3-4 16 In losing to the Steelers the Ravens show how far they have fallen from their championship team 14
Bills 3-4 17 A big win in Miami keeps the bills in the hunt, but they have the Saints and Chiefs next. 22
Dolphins 3-3 18 3 wins folloed by 3 losses, the trend is down for this team. Do they have the talent to turn it around? 15
Titans 3-4 19 The Titans got handled last week and need their bye to figure out what is going on. 12
Rams 3-4 20 Even though there is a ton of young talent on this team, losing Sam Bradford for the season is going to really hurt 16
Browns 3-4 21 Still think Brandon Weeden can be the answer? Terrible decision making from the old QB 17
Raiders 2-4 22 Every week Terrelle Pryor looks to be improving and learning the position. He could be a solution instead of a question in Oakland. 24
Cardinals 3-4 23 Carson Palmer continues to be an interception machine. 19
Eagles 3-4 24 Nick Foles doesn't seem to be the answer in Philly either. 20
Falcons 2-4 25 No pass rush and no real defense. All the offense in the world won't help the Falcons. 23
Steelers 2-4 26 They won sure, but they still can't score points. 26
Redskins 2-4 27 This team allows over 30 points a game. Hard to believe they have 4 losses right? 25
Texans 2-5 28 Houston has fallen so far this season it is almost unbelieveable. 27
Giants 1-6 29 A win! On Monday night, this still doesn't help this team, they are too far gone. 32
Vikings 1-5 30 Josh Freeman seems like he is not the answer, no matter what the question is. 29
Buccaneers 0-6 31 The Greg Schiano countdown is still on… 30
Jaguars 0-7 32 Is it time to give Tebow a call? 31