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Power Rankings Week 9 - Bengals movin on up

I have to reward the Bengals for their dismantling of the Jets, so they get a boost in this weeks power rankings

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

You may complain about the Chiefs being at the top of the rankings but I would love to know who you think belongs there. They are holding opposing teams to 12 points a game. The Saints maybe, Broncos not anymore and the Seahawks can't play on the road.

For the Bengals, they may have two losses but one was a hiccup and the other a game they probably should have won in Chicago. Here are the rest of the rankings:

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Chiefs 8-0 1 The Browns gave them all they had, but it wasn't enough. This defense is allowing 98 points in 8 games. That’s really good 1
Saints 6-1 2 The Saints handled the Bills and look to have an offense that is matching the defense 4
Broncos 7-1 3 This team is now suspect. Sure, they can score on anyone, but the defense is terrible and it looks like with pressure you can rattle the offense. 3
Bengals 6-2 4 Huge win against a Rex Ryan defense. Just total domination in all fronts. 6
Seahawks 6-1 5 At home they are incredible, on the road they should have lost to Kellen Clemens 2
Colts 5-2 6 Jumped by the Bengals on a bye week. 5
49ers 6-2 7 5 wins in a row by an average of 22.6 points. The struggles of the offense are long forgotten at this point. 7
Patriots 6-2 8 On the ropes against the Dolphins they pull it together in the second half. Still, not a lot of confidence in this team. 8
Packers 5-2 9 They look to be the class of the NFC north and have the Bears this week without Cutler. 9
Lions 5-3 10 Gutsy call on the almost spike to win the game on Sunday by Matt Stafford. Huge heads up play. 12
Bears 4-3 11 No movement on their bye week 11
Cowboys 4-4 12 First place in the NFC east by default. They have a ton of talent but can't close out games. 10
Chargers 4-3 13 bye week 13
Panthers 4-3 14 They beat the teams they are supposed to, waiting to see them get tested. 15
Ravens 3-4 15 They move up one spot because the Jets looked so bad 16
Jets 4-4 16 They gout trashed by the Bengals, at no point were they in the game on Sunday 14
Bills 3-5 17 With C.J Spiller out of the lineup, the running game is not so potent 17
Dolphins 3-4 18 They looked like they were going to run away with the game against the Pats, but it was a tale of two halves. 18
Titans 3-4 19 bye week 19
Rams 3-5 20 They couldn't have come closer to beating the Seahawks. 4 chances to score from inside the 5 to win the game and they failed. 20
Cardinals 4-4 21 Hello Andre Ellington, great game against the Falcons. 23
Browns 3-5 22 Will the Browns trade Josh Gordon? Who knows with this team. 21
Raiders 3-4 23 Terrelle Pryor broke Bo Jackson's rushing record and then broke the Steelers back in the process. 22
Falcons 2-5 24 I don't understand why this team is so bad, sure there are some key injuries, but they were bad before that 25
Steelers 2-5 25 For a second people thought the Steelers were going to turn it around, and then Oakland happened and I smile 26
Redskins 2-5 26 Another team that played well but couldn't finish. 3 picks of Manning wasn't enough 27
Texans 2-5 27 bye week 28
Giants 2-6 28 Bad team couldn't find the endzone. Still only 2 games out of first in that division. 29
Eagles 3-5 29 Where is this high flying Chip Kelley offense we were hearing about? 24
Vikings 1-6 30 Just run Adrian Peterson, who needs a quarterback 30
Buccaneers 0-7 31 Still on a fire watch for Schiano 31
Jaguars 0-8 32 Look at the bright side, the season is half over. 32