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NFL Power Rankings Week 6 - Bengals jump

After beating the previously undefeated Patriots, the Bengals make their way back in to the top 10

Kevin C. Cox

Usually as the season progresses into week 6 you have a fairly good idea where teams are starting to fall in the power rankings. Some teams are still undefeated that you thought had no chance of being at the top. Some just can't find a win and you are not used to seeing them on the bottom.

For the Bengals, they topped the New England Patriots in a statement win on Sunday. this does not erase the loss to the Browns, but probably gives it a little more perspective. Cincinnati has beaten 2 of the top 10 teams and dropped one they shouldn't have to another.

Here are my rankings:

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Broncos 5-0 1 Still on top but there is a break in their armor. The Broncos were lucky to come out of Dallas with the win. I can't wait to see what happens when they play a team with a good defense (KC anyone?) 1
Chiefs 5-0 2 This team is giving up 11.8 points a game. Alex Smith is feasting on the fact he doesn't have to put the team on his back. 4
Saints 5-0 3 Jimmy Graham has 593 yds and 6td's in 5 games. Outstanding numbers for a TE. 3
Seahawks 4-1 4 They gave up 11 unanswered in the 4th and lost to a gutsy Colts team. They play much better at home than on the road. 2
Bears 3-2 5 The Bears go where Jay Cutler goes. At times he looks outstanding, and lately he has been running for his life. 6
Bengals 3-2 6 WhoDey! The Bengals beat an undefeated Patriots team and that is enough to jump them into the top 10. 13
Colts 4-1 7 The Colts had an impressive win against the Seahawks at home and every week they seem to build momentum 11
Patriots 4-1 8 Tom Brady broke a 52 game TD streak and was under duress all day from the Bengals defensive front 5
Cowboys 2-3 9 Tony Romo did everything he could to beat the Broncos and had there been any defense in Dallas, he would have 10
Packers 2-2 10 Thrashed the Lions and look like the Packers everyone thought they were. 14
Titans 3-2 11 Beginning to put it together. A bad injury for Locker as they were beginning to figure it out. 12
Lions 3-2 12 A different team when Calvin Johnson can't play. 9
Ravens 3-2 13 Needed every second to beat Miami on Sunday. I am not impressed with the Ravens this far into the season. 16
49ers 3-2 14 The play of QB Colin Kaepernick lately makes me very happy to have Andy Dalton instead. 15
Dolphins 3-2 15 This could be a playoff team with this defense and the emergence of Ryan Tannehill. The wide receivers need to hold onto the ball. 8
Texans 2-3 16 Matt Schaub is becoming Mr. Pick 6. Defense is still strong but the offense stinks. 7
Browns 3-2 17 Remember when they gave up? Now they are in first place in the AFC North. 18
Jets 3-2 18 J-E-T-S now that the Sanchise is out of the way… This defense is pretty good. 23
Bills 2-3 19 They will be starting their practice squad QB this weekend against the Bengals, needless to say that is not ideal 19
Cardinals 3-2 20 Another team with a pretty good defense and an offense that can't figure it out 22
Eagles 2-3 21 Nick Foles was able to come in and play well, but it was against the winless Giants 20
Rams 2-3 22 Their defense gave up 20 points to the Jaguars. At least the running game got going. 21
Falcons 1-4 23 The Falcons offense has to be more than Tony Gonzales 17
Raiders 2-3 24 Terrelle Pryor is starting to put it together, he looks like he could lead this team 28
Redskins 1-3 25 A struggling QB and defense, but in the NFC East they are still in the thick of it 24
Chargers 2-3 26 There is no defense in San Diego, Philip Rivers is playing well again 25
Panthers 1-3 27 4 turnovers from Cam Newton against the Cardinals, that’s not getting it done 26
Vikings 1-3 28 Bye week signing of Josh Freeman, he has a chance to contribute and soon 27
Giants 0-5 29 I wanted to like the Giants, I did. They are a bad team that makes bad teams look good when they play them. 29
Buccaneers 0-4 30 QB questions now, a lot rides on Doug martin for this offense 30
Steelers 0-4 31 The old and slow moniker finally sticks for the Steelers (have I mentioned I love this?) 31
Jaguars 0-5 32 Tebow - Tebow - Tebow, the fans were actually chanting this on Sunday 32