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NFL Power Rankings week 11 - Everyone gets a win

There are no more winless teams anymore. With that and a bunch of upsets, the rankings get a bit of a shakeup.

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So there are no teams chasing a winless season and the Chiefs face their first really tough opponent on Sunday. The Bengals drop another game they should have not struggled in and the Rams lay the wood to the Colts in their own house.

All in all a typical week in the NFL this season.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Chiefs 9-0 1 They keep the top spot for one more week at least. A big matchup on Sunday night with Denver will show us what this team is made of. 1
Broncos 8-1 2 All Denver fans never want to hear the name Manning with MRI in the same sentence. 2
Seahawks 8-1 3 The running game is back on track and this team keeps winning. 4
Saints 7-2 4 600+ yds of offense with 40 first downs agains the Cowboys. This offense ranks right up there with Denver. 7
Panthers 6-3 5 The Panthers defense is incredible. Close to what KC is offering on the defensive side of the ball. 10
Patriots 7-2 6 bye 6
Colts 6-3 7 The Rams absolutely crushed them in their own house. 3
49ers 6-3 8 They couldn't do anything against the Panthers defense. 5
Bengals 6-4 9 Is it time to panic? No. Is this the biggest Browns vs. Bengals game in some time? Yes. 8
Lions 6-3 10 A sweep of the Bears sets the Lions up well considering Green Bay is in a free fall. 9
Bears 5-4 11 This team has been bit by the injury bug badly. Trestman made some bad first year coaching decisions on Sunday that didn't help. 11
Cowboys 5-5 12 A hot and cold team. They have a good offense but can't stop anyone on D. 13
Jets 5-4 13 bye 16
Cardinals 5-4 14 The defense gets a score to help Carson Palmer from giving the game away. 17
Packers 5-4 15 This team needs Aaron Rodgers healthy to have a shot at the division 12
Eagles 5-5 16 Nick Foles decided to keep the job. 16 touchdowns without a pick is great play from the Eagles QB 21
Browns 4-5 17 bye 19
Chargers 4-5 18 A tough hole to climb out of with the Broncos and Chiefs dominating the division 14
Ravens 4-5 19 ugh. The Bengals uninspired play allowed the Ravens to stick around at least a couple more weeks. 20
Dolphins 4-5 20 I wasn't sure who they were going to have play O-Line. Apparently they have some sort of drama here. Shame there are no news outlets covering it. 15
Titans 4-5 21 They get the distinction of giving the Jags their first win. 18
Rams 4-6 22 Tavon Austin finally lives up to the hype he got in the draft. Great day for the kid. 24
Redskins 3-6 23 The defense in Washington is weak. Kind of like the rest of the division. 22
Bills 3-7 24 I would have loved the return of E.J. Manuel to be the end of the Steelers, but the Bills couldn't get it done. 23
Raiders 3-6 25 They are who we thought they were… 26
Steelers 3-6 26 So now there is a defense. They would almost need to run the table to have a shot at the division. I don't see it. 28
Giants 3-6 27 The Giants still have some life in the NFC Least, but they need to make their move now. 29
Texans 2-7 28 An underperforming team loses theor best player. I don't know how it can get worse. 25
Falcons 2-7 29 This may be the biggest disappointment in the NFL. 27
Vikings 2-7 30 Just when Ponder begins to play well, he leaves with an injury. No breaks for the Vikings. 30
Buccaneers 1-8 31 Did they just buy their coach to the end of the season? 31
Jaguars 1-8 32 A win! 32